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Policies and Scheduling

**Please read carefully before registering for any programs.**

Tuition Fees;

- All tuition fees are due on or before the first lesson of every month.
       -Prompt payment is crucial in maintaining a positive partnership.
       -Refer to the page of your specific program for pricing.
       -Tuition fees are non-refundable.

-Accepted forms of payment are;


-Personal, Company, or Cashier's Check

-Major credit cards

-Accepted in-person via Square or on-line via Pay-pal*

     *Pay-pal account is not needed to make a payment

-Visit the Credit Card Payments page for more details


-Suzuki Group Class

         -The fourth Saturday of the month from 4pm-5pm
                -Covenant Community Church
                -Additional times may be added to accommodate student levels.

-Private Lessons (All locations)

          -By appointment only and all lessons will be the same day and time every week.
          -Single lessons by appointment only.

**All programs and tuition fees include four reserved time slots per month, once a week. Students are responsible to be present for their reserved time and any missed lessons will not be credited or refunded. Please see make up lesson section for more details. In the event there are five days in the month for your program's scheduled day, there will be no lessons on the fifth day.**

Recitals and Performances;

-Live performances

         -group or as a solo recital

-Formal concerts and performances

         -Scheduled approximately every 3-4 months.

         -These are highly encouraged for all students on all levels.

-Smaller informal presentations

         -These are optional for each student.

-There are no additional costs for these performances

          -All expenses necessary for travel, food, and accommodations will be each individual students               responsibility.

Suzuki Specific Policies;

-Parents, Grandparents, or Guardians

        -Your attendance is required at all of the private and group lessons

        -You are required to take notes during private and group lessons.

        -You must play the recording of each piece everyday consistently.

        -You are responsible to develop consistent daily practice at home.


        -You will receive 4 private lessons per month on your scheduled day and time.

        -You are encouraged to attend the monthly group lesson listed above every month.

Make up lessons;

        -Due to the large volume of enrollment, multiple locations, and my own professional performance          schedule, I am unable to accommodate make up lessons at this time.

        -It is your responsibility to attend the lesson or program that you are scheduled to attend and any          available make up times that may become available are on a first come first serve basis.

        -In the event I am unable to make it to a lesson or program, I will provide a pro-rated tuition                    reduction the following month.  

**If you have any questions, please contact me before registering for any of the programs.**

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