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Group Lesson Programs

These programs are specifically designed as cost-effective alternatives to private lessons. Historically, group lessons have made it difficult for students to progress at their own pace. It's very important to develop a curriculum that makes minimal sacrifices to the overall technical progress of each individual student, while at the same time, provide the same motivational tools that all students gain by working as a team. Programs can be developed as Ensembles, Masterclasses, Workshops, or any combination of the three. Please contact me with your specific needs and I will include you in an existing program or customize a program that will exceed your expectations!

How do they work??

Ensembles; (minimum of 3 students, limited to 10)

Pieces are "orchestrated' into multiple parts.

  • Beginners start with simple chord voicings.

  • The different parts slowly increase in difficulty.

  • Students progress at their own pace as they are given more complex parts.

  • Ensembles can include bass and ukulele!

Masterclasses; (minimum of 3 students, limited to 6)

Students share one hour of lesson time divided equally between them.

  • Each student is given a one on one lesson in a class setting.

  • Each student watches the other lessons as well.

  • Students progress at their own pace and learn from the techniques of the other students.

  • Students can study guitar, bass or ukulele.

  • This is a popular choice for families!!

Workshops; (minimum of 3, no limit to enrollment)

These are "broad stroke" introductions to the guitar or ukulele.

  • Range from one day to a 4 week program.

  • Focused on a "let's give it a shot!" attitude.

  • Excellent for Corporate team building exercises,extracurricular activities in public and private schools, or families looking for a fun new adventure! 

Who is eligible for enrollment??

Group programs are open to guitar, bass, or ukulele students of all ages* and all levels.

        *Students ages 10 and under must accompanied by an adult or enrolled in the Suzuki Method.

***Group Guitar Programs are for acoustic instruments only. Acoustic basses preferred, but electric basses by the directors approval only. We are unable to accommodate electric guitars at this time.***

Tuition Rates; $50 per month, per person / 1 hr per week*

*Workshop rates are set by the hosting organization.

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